Funny. Badass. Only on Cardano.

Horror Punks are a generative collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Each Horror Punk is a pixel-based character with a light and humorous touch.

The rarity distribution is algorithmically generated, then examined by a data analytics professional. This long-term project will be driven by community holder feedback.

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Horror Punks invaded
the Cardano blockchain in
October 2021

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Horror Punks Cardano NFT (CNFT) Coming on October 13 at 22PM UTC

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How to mint NFTs on Cardano

1. Get a wallet

Exchanges do not support Cardano NFTs. Never buy CNFTs from an exchange! You will lose both the NFT and the ADA.

In order to buy Cardano NFTs such as Horror Punks, you’ll need a Shelley-Era Cardano wallet. The simplest of these is Nami. You can also use Daedalus, CCWallet, ADALite, or Yoroi.

Set up your wallet, and make absolutely certain that you have your seed phrase backed up and secured.

2. Fund your wallet

Acquire ADA and send it to your new wallet. You can buy ADA through many different exchanges, but a few of the most reputable include Kucoin and Kraken.

3. Send ADA to the minting wallet

Send ADA to the NFT minting address from your Shelley-era Cardano wallet.

ONLY obtain the address from our website above, the #announcements channel in our Discord, or our official Twitter account. Never trust an unofficial source. Please be aware that scammers often post fake sale addresses.

4. View your Horror Punks

Once you’ve received your NFT, the best way to view it is on Paste your receiving address into their search bar and you can view all of your Cardano native assets!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in Discord!

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