The Horror Punks Backstory

It is the year 2070, fifty years after the great CoVid Zombie Apocalypse, when humans turned into zombies and became extinct. Shortly after, demons ascended from within the earth. Finding each other irresistible, many demons and zombies hooked up, and thus the goblin race was brought forth. After another generation, more intermingling happened and the makeup of earth became a diverse and colorful world of different races all living in harmony: zombies, demons, goblins, skeletons, frankensteins, mummies, pumpkins, masked killers, and headless horsemen.

The Present

How nightmarish is this post apocalyptic world? While full of macabre, there aren’t actually any humans to scare, so life is… just… ordinary. Kind of like the world before the apocalypse, only bizarre creatures in place of humans.

The Horror Punks Team Punks

The Horror Punks Team

The Horror Punks Team is comprised almost entirely of Cardano NFT OGs. Almost all of us have worked on other CNFT projects and have collected CNFTs since the earliest days in the space.

The Roadmap

[View the roadmap as a shareable image]

Horror Punks will be a continuing short fantasy story that will be furthered with each season.

September 2021

Create and define metadata for Horror Punks, develop the website, Discord server, and Twitter. Set up the Policy IDs and request verification on and other Cardano NFT markets.

Horror Punks Roadmap Tomb
Horror Punks Roadmap Tomb

October 2021

Mint Horror Punks Season 1: Mutations. Establish the project on

Q4 2021

Set up Horror Punks stake pool. Create the artwork for Horror Punks Season Two.

Horror Punks Roadmap Tomb
Horror Punks Roadmap Tomb

Q1 2022

Mint Horror Punks Season 2: Alien Invasion. Work on print merchandise for NFT owners.

Q2 2022

Reveal the full Horror Punk genealogy tree and work on artwork for the Mad Mutant DNA Lab that will predict the next generation. What happens when a masked killer and an alien’s DNA are mutated together?

Horror Punks Roadmap Tomb

Policy IDs

Horror Punks


Pre-Sale Giveaway


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are “Horror Punks Pre-Drop” tokens?

A: The Horror Punks Pre-Drop Giveaway was held in the Horror Punks Discord on October 3rd, 2021. Tokens were vended for ₳3, with approximately ₳2.8 being returned with the token.

Amongst the Pre-Drop tokens were Earbuds and Badges.

The earbuds can be burned to turn any Horror Punk into an animated .gif, bobbing their head to music.

The badges grant owners exclusive access to a locked channel where they can see work in progress and contribute to the future of the project.

Q: How quickly will I get my tokens?

A: In general, tokens should be minted nearly instantly.

On occasion, during particularly popular drops, the Cardano Blockchain experiences congestion during which time all of the blocks are filled. This can cause transactions to be processed slowly.

Regardless of potential slowdowns, you will eventually get either your token or a refund, depending on whether you sent the correct amount before the sale was sold out.

Q: How do I view my tokens?

A: Use to view your wallet. Enter your receiving address into their search function, or simply go to

Q: Do the NFTs have tombstones in front of them?

A: No, the Horror Punks are fully detailed body shots as shown on the previews page. The NFTs you see with tombstones are from the Horror Punks Pre-Drop Giveaway, detailed above.

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